Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holy Grail Products

I Lurv These Products

Every now and then when I'm putting on my makeup, someone will say, "What's that you're using? Never heard of it" and I'm just like WHAAAT how have you lived your whole life without trying/loving this?! This list of products include my holy grail setting powder and concealer.

Hard Candy's Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer

If I didn't use this concealer every day I would look like a deranged swamp monster. Especially when the monthly friend knocks me hard this is a DEFINITE must in my makeup routine. Holy grail concealer hands down.

With the super thick consistency offering maximum coverage, it can cover even the most beastly of pimples. Can also be used on the under the eye for those dark bags (with a somewhat light hand -this is SO thick it can cake up). The cute little concealer pencil it also comes with is handy at getting small areas and you can put it in your purse. I love that it's so convenient to pick up (I found mine at Walmart for $6). This is comparable to the the Kat Von D tattoo concealer, which runs at a price of $25. AKA go get you summma this because it's a total steal.

TIP: Something I love to do is mix this concealer with my daily moisturizing lotion together and put it on my face. This way it offers the medium coverage I like but it's not as heavy on my face like a foundation is. Sometimes i add a touch more concealer if i have any real doozies.

Shiseido's Sun Protection Compact Foundation

HOLY GRAIL SETTING POWDER. Yes I'm aware they call it foundation, but it's a powder foundation. It is a high end product retailing at $27, but it is WORTH IT. Pinky promise.

The creamy powder blends smoothly and even on your face. It provides full coverage, which I love. I wear it in 3 different ways:
1.) By Itself: Since this is a powder foundation it can be worn alone. I prefer liquid foundation topped with powder usually though. But for those days where I'm in a rush or not going anywhere special I just smooth this onto my face to even my complexion and hide some of those naaaaaasty zits.

2.) Over A Liquid Foundation: When I want a full coverage routine I'll use this as my setting powder. It's always important to set your face with a powder so you can lock everything in -you don't want your foundation moving around throughout the day. It will control my oils (I can get rul rul greasy) and give me that matte flawless finish look.

3.) In the Summer: This powder foundation has an SPF of 34 -perfect for sun protection. I'm the girl that will wear makeup to the beach -don't judge me. I need something on my face or I wouldn't have any friends to go to the beach with in the first place. I do tan at the beach, but I don't tan my face because I don't want wrinkles - so I loooove this.

These products are AMAZINGGGGGG and with acne prone skin I give myself a pat on the back for discovering these products.

Keep Blushing,


Product RAVE: Loreal Infallible Eyeshadows

Loreal Infallible Eye Shadows
            I could rave for years about this product. I’m pretty sure the people of target thought I was a weird child as I was hovering over the colors talking to myself, completely obsessed. As soon as you dip your finger into this pressed powder you can automatically feel the consistency is SUPER SMOOTH. One of the BEST things about these eye shadows is that they look amazing alone. Usually before class I’m waking up at the last possible second and am rushed to do my makeup. I just grab one of these and swipe it on really quick, blend the edges with my finger, and boom I’m out the door.

While I cant attest that the eye shadow lasts for 24 hours (who wears eye shadow that long..) I can say that I have put it on at 9 in the morning and by 8 pm I’m still lookin gewd. The pigmentation/color pay off makes the infallibles comparable to high end pressed shadows. Total steal these suckers are.

They come in sooo many beautiful colors –I wished I owned them all. But this is real life people. 

My Two Favorites:

The Looks I Wear All The Time:

Iced Latte: (top swatch)
            If you could only buy ONE color out of the whole line –this is it! This has been compared to the super popular Stilla’s 'Kitten', just to throw that out there. I use this color all over the lid, in the inner corners of the eye and brow bone for a highlight. I even have used this on the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, and my cupids bow as a highlight as well. Basically this color is amazing and if you don’t buy it the next time your wandering your local Target…. shame on you.

THE LOOK: Natural 1.) Blend Iced Latte over the first half of your lid and your inner eye corners. This is going to make you look super awake and your eyes will appear bigger. 2.) Take a soft brown (or black if you like) pencil and line as close to the lashes as possible! Blend the top of that lightly with your finger if it looks too harsh. 3.) Add some of your fav mascara to your lashes and that’s that. My go to natural eye look.

Amber Rush: (bottom swatch)
            My slight obsession with rose gold is one of the reasons I use this color so much. If you have blue or green eyes pick this up! Even if you don't, still pick it up.

THE LOOK: Night 1.)  Place Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold all over the lid. Blend the edges lightly with your finger, we don’t want a harsh line! 2.) Take Amber Rush and pat this over the first half of the eye. Also place this on your lower lash line. 3.) Line the top of your top lash line with a black eyeliner. (I love Revlon Colorstay’s). Take a smudge brush (ELF sells a really cheap $1 that I would die without) and smudge that sucker out for an instant smoky eye effect. Do the same to the outer portion of your bottom lash line.  4.) Highlight your inner corner and brow bone with Iced Latte 5.) Put on that mascara. Easy night look.

I hope you all invest in a couple of these eye shadows they’re freakin’ AMAZING.

Keep Blushing,